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My husband mostly every working day tells me that he has foot aches. This is because he has a very tough job and moreover, the institute where he studies has a very big premises where he has to walk very often across departments that are too distant. It has been 2 years that he often has these aches and once he’s home, he most likely couldn’t feel comfortable doing anything at all. We have tried various pain relief shoes and sandals for him which claims to make the foot comfy but none of them has ever worked and are even more uncomfortable than normal footwear.

I came across this product by Footminders® which is known as the Footminders® Orthotics Insoles. Looking at this product, which reminded me of my husbands often occurring foot aches, I immediately applied for it and was given a chance to try Footminders® Orthotics Insoles and review it on my blog.

Footminders® Orthotics provide effective arch support and help align your lower body by restoring normal foot function, Footminders podiatrist-developed Orthotics help you regain natural body balance. Footminders orthotics are a very affordable and easy treatment solution to foot pain and discomfort from sore feet. They can also assist with heel pain, heel spurs, aching legs, knee pain and lower back pain. In addition, foot Orthotics ensure your weight is
More evenly distributed over the foot, taking pressure of sore spots – especially in the heel and ball of foot areas to be firm enough to provide needed arch support, but pliable enough to provide cushioning, and to mold to your feet after a few days of wear, providing maximum walking comfort.

 There are 3 models to choose from, based on the types of shoes to be worn with them:


  • Comfort: Designed for lace-up shoes, athletic footwear, work boots and hiking boots
  • Casual: Designed for men’s & women’s low-heeled  slip-on shoes, including moccasins
  • Catwalk: For ladies’ fashion footwear with medium to high heels such as pumps, sandals and boots


I received the Footminders® Orthotics ‘Casual’ Insoles product two weeks ago and asked my hubby to try it hoping that it would help him reduce the regular pain in his foot. However, the product says, that some people might feel a bit of uneasy and uncomfortable while using it for a while. Fortunately, my husband as a first time user did not notice any discomfort using them. But that could be different for every individual.

The first day he came back from the all day work, he looked quite energetic and comfy walking in through the door and doing extra curricular stuffs that he hadn’t done since a year or so. He told me that the Footminders® Orthotics ‘Casual’ Insoles have finally relieved him of his regular foot aches that he has been suffering from quite a time. He said the pain has reduced very much and he feels so comfortable walking with these insoles.

I am very happy that I got this product to review and used it for my husband.  So glad that he’s enjoying his new insoles.

These insoles have restored my husband’s normal foot functioning and has removed his discomfort from sore feet. For those men and women out there having any of these heel pain, heel spurs, aching legs, knee pain and lower back pain. Footminders Orthotics are indeed a very effective pain relief, comfortable and durable.

My husband loves the idea of the Footminder Orthotics Insoles as they mold perfectly with his feet and uses them every day (he has inserted them in his shoes and do not want to remove them ha-ha). The product is unique that is designed for specific conditions resulting from misalignment and imbalance caused by flat feet or low arches such as plantar fascitis, heel pain, knee pain, etc.

My mother has the same discomfort while walking and now I am looking forward to buy one for my mother too. I recommend you use these insoles and you wouldn’t believe how amazingly it takes care of your foot pain and discomfort from sore feet.

About Footminders® Orthotics:

Footminders specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of orthotic shoe inserts designed to correct a common biomechanical imbalance known asover-pronationFootminders USA is part of the Footlogics International Group – which was founded by Australian and Dutch podiatrists in the early 1990’s, and has its head office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
With offices in Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland and Germany, the Footlogics/Footminders Group is a leading orthotics manufacturer with many years of experience in the design and production of orthotic biomechanical devices.

Please keep in mind that for some people the Orthotics may feel a bit “unnatural” at first; keep
in mind that’s just part of the process, and it means that the arch supports are doing their job. Please give the insoles a few days of wear to mold to your feet, and for your feet to get used to wearing them.

IMPORTANT: For maximum comfort, it may be necessary to remove your shoes’ original insoles before inserting Footminders orthotics into them.

ABOUT COMFORT MODEL: The full-length COMFORT insoles were designed to take into account that shoe sizes vary slightly across different models. As a result, they were made to accommodate the top of the size range, with cutting guides provided on the front underside to facilitate trimming them to fit your footwear. If they are slightly longer, please feel free to trim them to size with a pair of scissors for a perfect fit.


You may order Footminders® Orthotics Insoles online from their website. The original price of Footminders® Orthotics ‘Casual’ Insoles is $31.95 but it is now available only for $24.95 (Pair) for a limited time. The link to their website: Footminders® Orthotics

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  1. Wow – I want to try these! I swtiched from wearing heels, to flats and mostly sneakers at least during the day. I walk much, and it would be great to have something like this for when my feet hurt! I wish I had started being more mindful of my feet sooner!

  2. I think I might try these. At the end of the day my feet hurt.

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