Baby Adam’s Story


Hi to you all, Today’s post is not about any company and/or any product of theirs that they want me to review. Today’s post is very special for me and all I am writing this is out of humanity. It was 2 days ago when I was sitting on my office desk reading a magazine when I stumbled upon an article and heart touching story of baby Adam. I was literally into tears and my heart became heavy from every {Read More}

Vectors & Illustrations

Good day everyone! I have a bunch of vector illustrations ready to sell. I am in process of creating new vectors, putting together oldies and soon they will be up for sale! I will post an update with teasers, soon! Till then have a great day ahead!

Sneakers For Men

Men’s sneakers are an interesting source of style for most men. There are many guys who grew up wearing sneakers for athletic pursuits and simply continued to wear the sneakers without a thought about styling. However, as men grow older, they must find a way to insert sneakers into their wardrobe without looking silly. Men’s sneakers are a wonderful place to look great and make a man’s feet feel even better. Sneakers Still Go To The Gym It’s true that {Read More}

Winner Announcement for Kulcar Solar Powered Ventilator

The winner has been chosen via for the Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator The lucky winner is Adam P. Congratulations! An email has been sent out to the winner already. You 48 hours to claim your prize. In case of no response, we will go ahead and choose another winner for the same.  

Home Services from Kandala

The rise of concierge services was inevitable. The fast pace of most people’s lives has made it a reality that the world could not avoid. If you are immersed in work and exhausted when your work day is done, it is only logical to hire someone to take care of the multitude of tasks that often can go neglected or get lost in the shuffle. As a result of a growing demand for concierge services, those who offer themselves to {Read More}

Gift Ideas for festive season

When planning and buying holiday treats for those on gift-giving lists this season, there are many options available to consumers so that they may give special individuals something sparkly and truly awe-inspiring. While not every consumer’s budget will allow for buying diamonds, some may want to consider alternatives that still exude sophistication and high-quality. Online merchants offer some exemplary options to please those recipients that crave a dazzling showpiece and high-end jewelry item, while still sticking to the consumer’s allocated {Read More}

Toyota Sequoia SUV Dealerships

Big and bold, the Toyota Sequoia came crashing into the scene in early 2000, quickly establishing itself as one of the best full-size SUVs on the market. It’s a model that’s only improved with time, currently ranked #3 by the U.S. News for excellent and money-saving sports utility vehicles. Whether you’re in the market for a new Toyota or just a good, solid SUV, here are a few reasons to shop Sequoia for your next automobile purchase: – Power. The {Read More}

My Heart Breaks

Dear members and readers, I would like to apologize for no recent updates from my page and blogs recently for the last 2 weeks. My family is going through a bumpy road of life as my sister’s newborn is on life support for the last 2 weeks who was born November 17, 2013 – 27 weeks old. We are praying for a miracle to save our little angel and still waiting on a miracle from God to save him. I {Read More}

Pamper Sleep Tips Giveaway

The winner for Pamper’s Sleep Tips Giveaway has been chosen via   The lucky winner is JR Frugalmom – Congratulations!   Please check your email and send us a reply asap!

Why You Need to See the Dentist

When it comes to your oral health, seeking out treatment from the right Orem dentist can save you from painful dental procedures. A number of people put off visiting the dentist yearly, which can lead to gum disease, root canals, and tooth extractions. It is important to schedule regular visits with your dentist to prevent serious oral health problems. Here are just a few reasons why the dentist is one appointment you cannot afford to miss.   Prevent Damage   {Read More}